Gondola History

TMVOA is the primary funding source for the gondola that connects Mountain Village to the town of Telluride, providing approximately $3.5 million annually for operations and maintenance alone. In addition, TMVOA has funded significant improvements to the Gondola, including $6 million in 2007 and 2008 for a complete system upgrade.

The Mountain Village-Telluride Gondola is the first of its kind in the United States and is open 275 days per year from 7:00 am to midnight, providing free transportation to residents and visitors. The gondola is 2.5 miles long and the complete trip from Mountain Village to Telluride takes approximately 13 minutes. Cabins arrive almost every minute into the terminal, carrying up to eight passengers with additional capacity to carry skis, snowboards and bikes.

While the gondola also transports ticketed skiers and snowboarders to and from the mountain, it is primarily a free public transportation system and provides our residents with an easy commute to Telluride for work, school or other needs, and allows guests to avoid the need to rent a car when visiting Mountain Village. Most remarkably, it is more convenient and timely than vehicular transportation, while offering incredible vistas and a unique transportation experience.

To view copies of the Gondola Agreements, please click the below links:

Gondola Parametrix Final Report March 2, 2009
First and Amended Gondola Operating Agreement, dated July 28, 1999
Gondola Management Agreement, dated October 12, 1999
Chondola Operating Agreement, dated December 12, 1999
Chondola Transfer and Funding Agreement, dated June 24, 2004

TSG Expansion Approval Agreement, dated August 13, 1999
TSG Expansion Approval Agreement, dated August 26, 1999