Board Meeting Materials

The TMVOA Board of Directors and staff are undertaking an effort to improve performance and accountability on member communications for the Mountain Village community, and may from time to time adopt certain guidelines as may be necessary to facilitate the efficient operation of TMVOA, including drafting the agenda for board and or special committee meetings.

Click here to download TMVOA 2013 Adopted Budget Including Gondola Budget

Please click here to view a memo from TMVOA’s Board President regarding the guidelines for submitting agenda items for TMVOA Meetings.

Please click here for the Agenda Item Submission Form – TMVOA 6.04.12

NOTE: Meeting Minutes to be approved by the TMVOA Board at the next meeting and will be available shortly thereafter.

2014 Agendas Materials Minutes
January Jan-22 Jan-22 Jan-22
February Feb-11 Feb-19 Feb-11Feb-19 Feb-11 Feb-19
March Mar-13 Mar-19 Mar-13Mar-19 Mar-13 Mar-19
April Apr-29 Apr-29 Apr-29
May May-5 May-21 May-5May-21 May-5 May-21
June Jun-9 Jun-9 Jun-9
July Jul-9 Jul-9 Jul-9
September Sep-3 Sep-22 Sep-3  
2013 Agendas Materials Minutes
January Jan-16 Jan-16 Jan-16
February Feb-20 Feb-20 Feb-20
April Apr-3 Apr-3 Apr-3
May May-1 May-15 May-15 May-15
June Jun-19 Jun-26 Jun-19 Jun-19
July Jul-31 Jul-31 Jul-31
August Aug-21 Aug-21 Aug-21
September Sep-18 Sep-18 Sep-18
October Oct-16 Oct-16 Oct-16
November Nov-1 Nov-13 Nov-13 Nov-13
December Dec-18 Dec-30 Dec-18Dec-30 Dec-18
2012 Agendas Materials Minutes
January Jan-23 Jan-23 Jan-23
February Feb-15 Feb-15 Feb-15
March Mar-8 Mar-21 Mar-27 Mar-29 Mar-8Mar-21Mar-27Mar-29 Mar-21
May May-9 May-9 May-9
June Jun-20 Jun-20Jun-21 Jun-20
July Jul-18 Jul-25 Jul-18 Jul-18
August Aug-15 Aug-15 Aug-15
September Sep-5 Sep-19 Sep-19 Sep-19
October Oct-3 Oct-4 Oct-17 Oct-17 Oct-17
November Nov-14 Nov-14 Nov-17
December Dec-5 Dec-27 Dec-5Dec-27 Dec-5 Dec-17 Dec-27
2011 Agendas Materials Minutes
January Jan-19 Jan-19 Jan-19
February Feb-16 Feb-16 Feb-16
March Mar-16 Mar-16 Mar-16
May May-4 May-4 May-4
June Jun-15 Jun-15 Jun-15
July Jul-20 Jul-20 Jul-20
August Aug-17 Aug-17 Aug-17
September Sep-14 Sep-14  
October Oct-19 Oct-19  
November Nov-11 Nov-16 Nov-11Nov-16 Nov-16
December Dec-7 Dec-28 Dec-1Dec-7Dec-28 Dec-7 Dec-28
2010 Agendas Materials Minutes
January Jan-13 Jan-13 Jan-13
May May-5 May-5 May-5
June Jun-16 Jun-16 Jun-16
July Jul-21 Jul-21 Jul-21
August Aug-25 Aug-25 Aug-25
September Sep-22 Sep-22 Sep-22
October Oct-19 Oct-19 Oct-19
November Nov-17 Nov-18 Nov-17Nov-18 Nov-17
December Dec-8 Dec-10 Dec-29 Dec-30 Dec-29 Dec-8 Dec-10 Dec-29